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How many clothing changes should I bring?


Bring at least at 6-7 tops in different colors that looks good on you. Some colors that look great in headshots: aqua, blue, black, brown, burgundy, coral, green, gold, orange, pink, turquoise, teal, rust, yellow. Beige, light pastels, white are best with texture and are also good for layering. AVOID RED (it overpowers the face).

Also bring tanks, jackets, jean jackets, sweaters and shirts.

Bring several bottoms including jeans.

No large logos, stripes, florals etc.



Do I need a make-up artist? (Are makeup artist and hair stylist included in my head shot session)

The fee for hair and make up is not included in your session. I have several talented artists I work with and should you request hair and make up I will schedule one for you.



What if I need to reschedule?


We understand that things will come up. You may reschedule your session with a 24 hour notice. Your deposit will be applied to the next session you book. However if you do not give a 24 hour notice another booking fee will apply.



You do primarily natural light photography. What happens if it rains?


If it rains we can shoot in studio with the studio lighting if you want to shoot on your scheduled day. If you prefer, you may reschedule for another day if you want the natural light session.



What if I need more re-touching than what is included in the package?


You may decide you want more re-touching than what is included in your package. Just let us know and we will be happy to do this for you. A $50.00 service fee will apply for the session.




How many pictures do I select?


The number of pictures you select depends on the package you choose. You need to choose the package the day you book your shoot.




Do I get a CD with all of the images?


No, your session will include a downloadable gallery with the full resolution images from the package you select if you are a head shot client. If you are wanting the images from the entire session you may purchase the full gallery download of all of the images from the shoot for $200.00 These are not re-touched.



How do I view my proofs?


Go to the Online Proofing page on the website. Find your name in the galleries and enter your password.



Can other people view my proofs?


Yes other people can view your proofs if you share your password or link with them.


What is the deposit and when do I pay the balance?


$100.00 deposit required upon booking. Deposit is deducted from the total amount.

Balance is due the day of the shoot. Cash or check only unless you arrange before the shoot to pay the balance with credit card at the studio.

No refunds. We do it right the first time. But if a technical problem were to effect the shoot, I will re-shoot, no charge. For any other reason, I charge a fee.


What should I do to prepare for my session?


Be sure to drink plenty of water a few days leading up to your session. It is important to stay hydrated. Bring music with you that will make you feel good about who you are and lift up your spirits so you can be confident and comfortable during the session. Be sure to have undergarments that go with each of the outfits you want to wear. Ladies be sure to have a bra that goes with each top choice.






















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