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Working with Kathy Whittaker and Makenzi Laine is such a joy. They are both genuinely good people, and their work is the best in the business. As a fitness personality, I have hair and makeup done frequently by various professionals, but Makenzi Laine's work stands out. She pays such close attention to detail that my 30-year-old face looks vibrant and youthful. Kathy knows lighting like an artist knows watercolors. It's great to find a true photography genius in a day and age where anyone with a camera and some natural light thinks they can be a professional photographer. Kathy is an expert. Between Bode Helm, David Heisler, and Kathy Whittaker, I believe I have worked with the most brilliant photographers in the business. I highly recommend Kathy Whittaker Photography to anyone searching for an outstanding portrait photographer with a kind heart, sweet spirit, and commitment to delivering a finished product quickly and affordably with quality that will knock your socks off.Thank you, Makenzi and Kathy!Sincerely,Brook Benten Thank YOU Brook!!

Hey Kathy, I just wanted to tell you again how awesome my headshots are that you did for me. I have used one of them to submit for auditions and it has gotten me in the door for like 10 auditions in the last 2 months, and I landed one of them so far!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!~Elizabeth Ferem

The headshots have been working out wonderfully! I booked a recurring role on Friday Night Lights- my first episode is the 2nd one of this season... and actually one of my headshots became a campaign button I wore on my shirt (a la Reese Witherspoon in "Election"). I will be going back again to shoot another episode of the series in a few weeks.The first week that I used my new headshots- I had a print go- see, a commercial audition, a video host audition, and a film audition. I booked/ or was on hold for all of the projects- and am the director's top choice for the film that I read for for HBO- we are still waiting to hear the final decision- but it looks positive- I am keeping my fingers crossed. :)So thank you soo very much. I love my headshots! The diversity in all the looks seems to be helping me fit into the many different images that I am auditioning to play!Cherami

Kathy - "Pleased with the results" would be a massive understatement!!! Every one of my expectations was exceeded by a landslide. You've got an incredible talent, and a genuine personality to match. You captured me perfectly. Thank you for the fun shoot and such spot-on results. I walked out of your studio knowing 100% that I got exactly what I needed, and that I just made a great investment in my career. You can toss that up there with your other testimonials if you want, because you've definitely got my endorsement!

I know these comments are for Kathy...but since I'm sure others read them..I'm posting it for public viewing. Hi everyone! Just wanted to say..I have never been so pleased with a photoshoot in my life. Kathy really captured what I was hoping to see in my pictures. I feel that her warm personality helped me to relax, too. I enjoyed my time with her so much, I may just start showing up at her studio ;) hehe...just kidding. -Cathy Baron

Caitlin's headshots get us audition invitations almost 100% of the time when we submit. Kathy does wonderful work and captures the essence of the child. Candace and Caitlin

Kathy Whittaker is an amazingly talented and creative photographer. She immediatley helped Emily relax and have a blast at her first studio photo shoot. As for the technical aspects of the shoot Kathy KNOWS how to make the most of the camera settings, the lighting, the set and the computer photo editing. We are very pleased and would highly recommend Kathy for any job! Sincerely, Andrea R.

Kathy, Thanks again for the amazing pictures of Andy. He is using them on posters, fliers, website, press kits and anything else we can slap his face on. You did an amazing job. Lisa

Kathy was the first photographer to work with Ashley and did an amazing job. Her photography is great and she was very helpful and gave Ashley great advice on posing and such! We have also used her one other time. She is very talented. Julie Ross

Made on behalf of Gingersnaps Boutique: Here's a reference you can use on your website: Kathy and Megan are a delight to work with! Both are extremely professional and enthusiastic about their work. The quality of Kathy's photography is excellent. She has a good eye for detail and her equipment makes a huge difference in the resolution and exceptional outcome of her pictures. Megan has a wonderful personality which shows when her smile lights up the camera. I look forward to working with both Kathy and Megan many times in the future.

Kathy, Besides the kids having a blast. You have a way with them to help them feel comfortable and just have fun. Great work. Thanks, Beth

I want you to know how much I appreciate your time and efforts today! What a workout! The shoot turned out so great! I would be honored to be on your website or any promotional materials you may have. I would also be VERY happy to write a letter of recommendation or referral anytime you like! Again, I am so THRILLED with these shots, Ican't tell you enough!I look forward to such a hard decision of choosing from soooooo manywonderful shots from an obviously VERY TALENTED photographer! Margo Dane

Amazing. This is the word that first comes to mind when describing your work. Mallory's pictures not only present a smile, laugh, or serious look, but capture her personality and love for the camera as well. Even though it was her first time to meet and work with you, it seemed as though you had known her for awhile. I can truly tell you are passionate about your work and care about the person you are working with. Mallory and I thank you for all you have done, and look forward to working with you again!~Margorie

By the way, many folks have been impressed with your work, especially on an old fried out 60's rebel like me. I hope they choose you. You are the only photographer I contacted (out of six) who actually addressed my question about shaving, then continuing with the shoot. You have class, Kathy. It's been a pleasure meeting you and working with you. You have my highest recommendation.Gary Wimmer

What a wonderful time Caitlin had working with you! Some people take create art! Your creativity and ability to capture the essence of the person is truly impressive. I still get teary looking at Caitlin's montage because it is the soul of the child right there in front of my eyes. Not just anyone can do that in a photo.Thanks for everything!Candace and Caitlin

Second, I just had to tell you how often I've responded to various casting calls and heard that the people loved my headshot, thought I had a great look (based on the headshot, since they hadn't met me in person), etc. And when I went to Precision Camera for some headshot reprints, the girl behind the counter asked where I had gotten my headshots done. Naturally, any time it's appropriate to do so, I enthusiastically tell people about you and how much I would encourage them to use you for photos.So kudos and thank you and everything all together, Kathy--you're the best!Take care,Robin Anderson

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